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New Source Company established in Saudi Arabia and specialized in producing and selling . The printing products Ink, Chemicals and plates since it was founded in the year 2000. We expanded abroad and built “New Source printing ink factory”in Egypt which operates with the latest Korean and Swiss technology systems.

We use the most advanced production equipment and the most efficient scientific managing methods. We emulate the technology systems by Cooperating with some Korean-European corporationsto develop markets at home and abroad.

Our company New Source Printing Ink has been growing as one of the most prominent ink manufacturers in Egypt. Our products are (Offset ink-Water based ink, NitrocellosePolyamide, PVC ink, Metal coating) and nearly all kinds of spot colors

Total production of all products is over15000 tons per year . Our marketing network has been covering all throughout Egypt, we also have good markets in many countries, particularly Middle East Asia, south Asia, and Africa

Our quality completely meets the international industry standards, we keep moving forward, meeting the market demands and offering the best service.

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